Benefits of Natural Oils

Do you know what was the count of your bones when you were born?

Well, your answer would be some number more than 300, that is what you were taught in your school and your answer is absolutely correct. On the other hand you might also know that the present number of bones you have now is equal to 206, and if I ask you why, how and when did it happen then you will answer that it happened for physical development of your body when you were a child where a few small bones combined to form a bigger and single bone structure.

This is the exact story behind how your body physically developed from a small child to an adult. But there will be a question that if even a small disease is caused to you, it needs a lot of care to be taken by you but when all these processes of physical development were happening you might have required a lot of care to be taken and how was all this managed when you were just a small baby. The answer to it is very easy and it will require to scientific research to agree that all this taken care by your mom, and she did all this by massaging your body everyday when you were a baby.

Massaging is a process where all the parts of your body are given some exercises using some oils which nourishes your body. Massaging plays a big role behind the physical development of your body, and the oil used for doing that plays even a more significant role. Oils contain some vital nutrients which help for the physical growth of your body. Here we have a small conversation between a mother and her baby about how a massage oil plays the major role role behind a baby’s skin, bone and muscle development:







7baby.png 8baby.png 9baby



And here is the end of the story, the mother used the natural oil and the baby loved it. The natural oil helped for the complete nourishment of baby’s skin, bones and muscles.

baby 2

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