4 things to note before purchasing a power bank


It is really surprising to know that our gadgets are such an important part of our lives. One cannot imagine life without these gadgets. However, these gadgets come with a limitation and that is the time when they run out of the battery.
It is seriously annoying to see the low battery warning and the scary notification revealing the percentage of battery left in the smartphone. Admit it or not, everyone of us have been through this situation at some point or the other in life where the battery is really low but you still have a long way to go before you reach home.

Thanks to the entry of a power bank, our lives are sorted now. Even if phone is about to run out of charge, the tiny power bank can get it up and running. For all those who are new to the concept, a power bank is basically a secondary battery pack which charges your phone instantly.

There is a wide variety of power banks available in the market today. You just need to choose the right one based on your requirement.


The current/output of a power bank is the most basic factor when it comes to charging a device. If your power bank does not have the right current, it will not charge your device properly.
All you need to know about mAh

mAh is the basic capacity of the power bank to charge your smartphone. Higher the mAh, the faster it will charge your device.
Number of ports

Most power banks come with a USB cable so that you don’t have to carry extra charging wires. In this world of gadgets, opt for a power bank which has minimum two ports as it can charge two devices simultaneously.
Smart features

There are power banks which come with smart features such as overcharging or overload cut-off. You can look for a power bank that has these features as overcharging your device could affects its battery life in the long run.


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