How a Non-Removable battery can help you to track your lost phone


Nowadays smart phones are very commonly available in the market and almost everyone of us has a smart phone in our pockets, the fact smart phones have gained a lot of popularity in the market we all can find Android or Apple phones with majority of the people. With big screens and various advanced functions such as the net banking, online tickets booking, etc. we almost have our entire world in just a single device. These things have made our life very easy but on the same side it has made us to take care of many security related issues. We all have some private data such as the account passwords, credit and debit card details which are stored in the device, and the problem arises when the smart phone gets lost.

A mobile getting lost is very common these days and there are various ways that can separate you from your phone, it may sometimes be your mistake when you have misplaced it or sometimes it has been stolen by someone. We are not interested in the fact how mobile phones do get lost, but in this article we will be discussing how smart phones with inbuilt battery have the less chances of getting stolen.

Before that we want to you to synchronize your phone with the Android Device Manager app first on your android device. Android Device manager synchronizes with your Gmail account which is logged in on your phone. Incase if its get stolen then you can just open your web browser and access Android device manager using your gmail id which is logged in on the phone. After logging in you get the feature to ring your phone even if it is switched off. And incase if there is internet connection available then you can also track your device using the GPS system.

But all this us possible only if there is some power available in your phone and the person who has it is not clever enough to remove your gmail account from your phone. To restrict him or her from removing your gmail account you can simply secure it using some pattern lock, this will help ADM track your device.

Now the benefit of a non removable battery is that it restricts the person to remove the battery, and incase if there is no access to the removal of battery then surely the same person can only switch it off. And now you can simply use the ADM to track your phone.

This was a simple but a big advantage of smart phone with non removable batteries that can easily help you to get your lost Android device back.


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