3 Tips for Safe Browsing on Mac OS X

How much time do we spend while surfing the Internet? The statistics shows that we spend about 100 minutes per day just for leisure. And if we talk about business, in this case the Internet moved from the occasional tool to the most principal, which completely changed the way we do business and communicate. An average employee spends about 25 hours a week in the Internet, and this time includes about 1.5 hours for social media. It’s funny to remember how Bill Gates said in 1993 The Internet? We are not interested in it’.

So how to stay safe when surfing the Internet? Let’s consider top 3 tools for Safe Browsing in the Mac OS X:

  1. Check the security of the websites

Try to pay attention to such important things as secure websites, for example, if you are visiting your online banking account or else. The first way how you can verify that the site is secure is just to look at the top of the screen on the address bar. There should be a small lock on the left side of the bar.

The second way is to look at the full link in the bar. Just click the address and you will notice that if the connection is secure, the address should start from ” https:// “.



2) Use safe browsing apps

How do they work? Easily. First, you can manually choose the list of trusted websites that you visit and would like to continue visiting in future, or you can create a list of potentially dangerous websites and add them to the blacklist of the app. Secondly, this app or AV software probably uses the database of potentially dangerous and shady websites, and in case of threat you will be alerted with an option either to block the website or continue browsing. There’s a huge variety of applications and AV software that are offering Safe Browsing for Mac OS X. It’s up to you which one to choose, they work mostly on the same engine and use the similar database. The most popular is MacKeeper from Kromtech. Find the full list here.


3) Avoid malware

You may think that the Mac OS X is the most secure system that was ever created, but malware exists. The first piece of advice is that you should never download pirate software or participate in questionable sales.


Another piece of advice is to deselect the option “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” in Safari Preferences > General. After it is deselected, your Mac will no longer automatically open the downloaded files, and you will avoid possible installation of malware.


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