9 Tips to make Google Plus work for you.


Among social media platforms, Google Plus doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. That lack of respect, however, isn’t entirely without merit as Google Plus continues to be outclassed by Facebook, Twitter and a few other social media websites. Yet, Google Plus has some advantages, including backing by the world’s largest search engine. Here’s how to make Google Plus work best for you.

1. Create your page.

To participate with Google Plus you got to be in it to win with it. The first thing you must do here is to visit the website, claim your page, fill out your profile and begin.

2. Community v/s public.

It is important to build your community on Google Plus and work with like minded people to share content. This means building a following, plussing their pages, and sharing their best content with your readers. Likewise, people will do the same for you. You can post via your community or in public, the latter with a greater reach available.

3. Use more than one social media tool.

You can post exclusively to Google Plus, but you may find that you will have added reach for your content or news by posting elsewhere. If what you share is popular on Twitter or is gaining traction on Facebook, then extend your reach by sharing it on Google Plus.

4. Tweet your Google Plus messages.

What a great way to reach new people by posting your original messages to Google Plus. Further, you can extend your reach by tweeting your Google Plus message via Twitter and linking to it from Facebook. Consider how you can extend your reach and impact more people.

5. Offer specials or launch new products via Google Plus.

You can use Google Plus for a number of things, including touting new products or offering special deals. You can launch your new products with Google Plus with your followers emailed to coincide with the launch. Moreover, it will added to their event calendars automatically.

6. Pay attention to your profile.

Open the Google Plus app and at the top of the screen touch your picture. Follow the instructions to open your profile and get to work. The Google Plus profile contains a lot of information, including the people who follow you, the people you follow (have in your circles), your work and education information, where you live and have lived, links to your websites, and contact information. You can also choose whether to list the communities you belong to our hide that information. Decide how best to market your profile, but do pay attention to it.

7. Play nice.

Social media can degenerate into anarchy if you’re not careful. It is important that you play nice on every site. Google Plus has a more refined audience, not unlike LinkedIn. This means people are more likely to be professional, welcome dialogue and respect your work. Likewise, you should endeavor to provide a similar welcoming environment to all that you encounter.

8. Show consistency.

Whether you use Google Plus to share links or to advance information, be consistent in all that you do. This means if your daily work is to share a link to the latest article on your blog, then do so. If you use Google Plus as a blog, then have a consistent schedule of posts to share. Determine what works best for you by measuring the results accordingly explains LocalSEOCompanies.com.

9. Keep in mind who owns it.

Google Plus is a great platform, but there is no guarantee that it will be around forever. Unlike a blog you own, you have little control over Google Plus. Thus, what you place on Google Plus may some day disappear. Keep this in mind as you utilize the platform — it should be a secondary source for your social media engagement, not your primary source.

Google Plus Considerations

Google Plus may not be your primary site for engaging with your customers via social media, but it shouldn’t be entirely overlooked either. Determine the best practice for engaging online and follow that with gusto!


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