5 very common Laptop Problems


With the invention of faster and more efficient technology, you’d think that laptops would have become more bullet proof and have less technical problems. However laptops, as with any technology these days, may have longer battery life and they may be lighter and clearer to carry and look at, but they still break down and occasionally need a bit of maintenance. I reached out to a laptop repair shop to get their opinion on what are the most common faults and errors that occur on laptops and this is the short list I was sent over.
Shuts down automatically
This is a pretty common issue it and it usually relates to some sort of hardware problem. Often it could be the case of a faulty fan that causes overheating or that the power supply in the laptop is wearing out. A laptop repair shop will clean out the fan and secure a new power supply and many times this will cure the problem. There’s a fairly good chance that this isn’t a terminal issue so try not to worry if this happens to your laptop.
Freezes and the blue screen/wheel of death

This is, unfortunately, usually a more serious issue and will require more of an extensive diagnosis. It could be a number of things including, a virus problem, an operating system problem and even a driver installation issue. If you’re using a mac, instead of getting the Windows blue screen of death, you’ll be getting the small wheel of death which I’m sure everyone’s had at some point! If both keep occurring, I’m afraid you need to take your laptop in to get looked at.
Your homepage is no more
At some point, I’m sure your homepage might have been changed from google to yahoo or a different search engine. This is really common but it’s not something that’s overly problematic. Usually this has occurred when installing new software and a small spyware program has been installed with it resulting in a change of homepage. It’s fairly harmless but annoying. If it’s something that you want to change, look up online to see how to delete the Spigot software or take it into your local laptop repair business.
Whirring and vibrations

This is almost always a hardware issue and again this could be hard to diagnose at first glance. There are many parts in a laptop and if one or two are faulty, it could cause vibrations and noises that sound a bit intimidating. If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of a laptop, don’t try to fix it yourself, take it into the professionals!
Slow slow slow

This is probably the most common issue that laptop users complain about and this could be down to a software or a hardware issue. Viruses and limited memory can cause a massive decline in performance so clear any unwanted software you don’t use and double check your virus scanner to remove any unwanted bugs. If it’s more of a hardware issue, it could be something to do with the CPU and would require a bit more of an extensive diagnostics.


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