My Dream Room #HomeCanvas

It takes you years to build up a house of your home. Small or big, it is the only place in the world where you find mental peace. People like me have some creative affection with our homes that we always waste a lot of time thinking on new ideas to transform our homes into a more beautiful one compared to what it looks today. Probably we don’t always try to decorate it with a huge budget and also I don’t feel that someone really needs to invest a lot on making his house look beautiful, simple things sometimes lead you to bigger and beautiful masterpiece. Here are a few ideas that I have thought to transform my room similar to what I imagine about it in my dreams:

Mirror Makeover:


The entryway is usually one of the smallest spaces in a home. Adding a mirror or making over an existing mirror is one of the easiest decorating updates you can do, plus it helps the space feel bigger. I’ll look up for an antique mirror as it will give my room a more contemporary look.

Stairwell Gallery:

Transform unused wall space in your home’s stairwell by displaying a gallery wall of photos. Purchasing inexpensive frames from craft stores or used frames from thrift stores and having mats custom made to fit the frames and my pictures. This helps create a custom look for much less than what you’d likely spend if you were to get all of your photos professionally framed.

Floating Shelves:


They not only add to your décor, but they are also functional! In your bathroom, hang three or four floating shelves on the wall above the toilet. Then, I’ll add vases and baskets to store items like hand towels, soaps and extra bath tissue. This is also a great way to increase the storage in a small bathroom.

Frame Collection:

If you have an empty wall in your home, try covering it with an eclectic collection of frames. Find frames that are all different wood and metal, gold and silver, large and small, and display together in the small space.

Live Plants:


Liven up your small spaces with a touch of greenery. I wish to Create a dish garden by planting collections of indoor plants in small teacups or vintage dishes and display in the small, cozy nooks of my home.

I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda.


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