Taazgi Ka Dhamaka #MaxFreshMove

A few days earlier in the last month I shared my playlist of the 10 best songs that refresh me and fill me with energy, and I also shared the best moves from the Taazgi Ka Dhamaka video of Colgate Maxfresh where Allu Arjun shows some sensational moves on the beats by Anushka Manchanda. Their duo can feel any boring place with loads of energy.

And when the topic comes to energy, there is no one in our family more energetic than my cousin Aren. And when Aren saw the moves performed by Allu Arjun on the beats of Anushka Manchanda, he went dancing like hell performing the sensational moves shown by Allu Arjun. That song made him go mad that he also dances on it with his parents and friends. Not only him, the song fills in energy in everyone that watches the moves of Allu Arjun inside it. In this blog I will be sharing a video hwere we recorded Aren performing his #MaxFreshMove.

I would like the give the credits of the soundtrack to Colgate MaxFresh India, and I would also like to thank Keval for helping us in shooting this video. Hope you liked the video, and if you too want to perform some sensational moves on this tune of the #MaxFreshMove then here we have the official video starring Allu Arjun who is dancing on the beats of Anushka Manchanda.

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.


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