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A couple of months ago I shared with you a trick to waive your delivery charges from purchase of products from Flipkart. After posting the Flipkart Free Delivery trick I received a lot of requests from the readers to share a trick to remove delivery charges from Amazon. Well, at that time I did not have any trick, but today in this blog article I will be sharing the Free Delivery trick for

Sometimes we find great deals on Amazon but the shipping prices of those items lets us down. So here is a trick to waive shipping charges on

Step 1: Now add the product that you want to purchase with FREE Delivery Charges from Amazon. I have added Real Fruit Juice just for example. Its Price is Rs. 82.


Note: The product which you want with free delivery should also be Amazon fulfilled..

Now go to cart, and check the final amount to be paid along with shipping price. You will find total amount Rs. 82+40= 122 including Rs. 40 Shipping.


Step 2: To remove the shipping price. First of all Visit HERE.

Step 3: Add any book to cart of your choice. select the cheapest one which is fulfilled by Amazon. I have added a book called General Knowledge 2017. It costs Rs. 27 only. Don’t worry, you can pick any book which is of any price but make sure it is Amazon Fulfilled.


Check the shipping price after adding the book. It will become Free Shipping



Step 4: Proceed to Checkout and select Cash On Delivery as payment option. Complete the order. Don’t worry you will not have to pay a single extra penny for the book.



Step 5: Wait for some time, let the orders get dispatched, it may take up to 24 hours. After it gets dispatched, just go to your Orders. And there you will find your order.



Step 6: Now check the book you had selected for cancelling and then put any reason for cancelling.


That’s all, Now the book will be cancelled and you will get your product shipped at your home. And at the time of delivery you will only have to pay for your product, you will not have to pay the shipping price. Pay the price of the product in cash when it is delivered at your home.

If there is an error with the trick not working. Then register with a new Email address by clicking HERE.

In case if you face problems in cancelling the orders then don’t worry, just reject the order when it comes to your home for delivery. In Amazon’s Order cancel policy, an order which is rejected at the time of delivery is considered to be cancel and is eligible for complete refund if the customer has already paid for the order.

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17 thoughts on “Free Delivery Trick on Purchase from

    • For many people it worked immediately, but if in your case it doesn’t works then cancel it after it gets dispatched.

    • this worked for many people but incase if it does not work for u or any other then here is the updated trick:

      Follow all the 7 steps completely.
      Wait for both the products to get dispatched.
      Collect the Glass protector when it is delivered.
      Reject the other product, they will simply take the other product back without any questioning as it is in the terms and condition that if the customer rejects the order then it is automatically cancelled.

      That’s all!!
      You will get the Tempered Glass Protector for free.

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