Movie Review: The Path of Zarathustra


Today I will be reviewing the movie ” The Path of Zarathustra” which will be out in the cinemas near you on 4th September, 2015 in English. The film has been directed by Oorvazi Irani and features Oorvazi herself with Tom Alter and Rushad Rana.
This movie is based on putting some light on the Zoroastrian religion of the Parsi community where they have shown a normal Parsi lady who is searching for the truth of her religion. The story starts with Oorvazi who herself is playing the role of Oorvazi, a parsi lady who is searching for the truth and the real meaning about her religion. She lives with her Grandfather in a small house which is far from the city, the role of Oorvazi’s grandfather is being played by Tom Alter, a person who used his entire life in search for the importance about their prophet Zarathustra. The story starts when Oorvazi is being explained something about her religion by her grandfather who has written about all the mythology he discovered about his religion in a book. The grandfather was counting his last breathes and finally he dies telling Oorvazi about the book and says her that all the answers to her questions are there in this book, all she needs to do is search of the right person that will come in some part of her life and explain her the meaning of her religion.
Oorvazi moves to Mumbai at her Masi’s place where she meets Persues, Persues was the adopted son of her Oorvazi’s Masi and the person to ask Oorvazi at her age of 15. Now Oorvazi meets many people in search of the person that her grandfather told her who would explain her the meaning of what is written in the book. Now to know if Oorvazi was successful in searching for the person who would explain her the meaning of the book and to know what was the meaning of the book you can watch the movie at a cinema near you.

What I feel about the movie:

According to me the movie was really good, well directed by Oorvazi Irani. There was one thing which I felt negative about it was that the story of the movie was only limited to the Parsi community, suppose if you don’t know much about the Parsi religion then the movie will be a little boring for you. I feel that the movie should have been extended a little by including some scenes which explain more about the religion so that even the Non-Parsi audience can enjoy the movie in the same way how the Parsi audience is supposed to enjoy it. I would really appreciate the hard work of the entire team and the efforts that they have put in.

Readers will be appreciated if they share about what they feel about the movie in the comments section. Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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