How to Recover the Deleted Call History from your Android Phone

Why do we need call history recovery?
Nowadays, people all hate crank calls and always choose not to answer cold phones. However, this may cause troubles in work or business when the unfamiliar phone numbers belong to your potential clients or partners or someone important. If you, even more unfortunately, emptied your call history, it will be extremely necessary to retrieve the lost call logs. What’s more, sometimes it is also needed to save call history in memory of important persons in our life or as important evidences for something, which makes it useful to recover call logs when we lost them accidentally. If you like this article, please save it as a bookmark for unexpected need.
If you don’t have a backup of your phone call history, you may have to seek help from data recovery software. Here is a professional data recover tool for Android devices, Gihosoft Android Recovery. As long as your Android OS version is between 2.0 to 5.0, you can use it to get back call history safely.

How to recover call history from Android with Gihosoft Android Recovery?
Preparatory work:
1. Download and install Gihosoft Android Recovery to your computer.
2. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
For Android 2.3 or earlier: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
For Android 4.0 and 4.1: Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging.
For Android 4.2 or later: Settings -> About Phone -> click Build number for several times until “You are under developer mode” message pop up -> back to Settings > Developer options -> USB debugging.
3. Connect your Android device to computer via USB cable.
Recover call history from Android in 4 steps
1.Select file types to transfer. Gihosoft Android Recovery provides four models for users: Multimedia (Photo, Video, Audio), Database (Contact, SMS, Call Log), WhatsApp (WhatsApp message/attachment) and All. If you just want to recover call history, please click on Database.
2.Scan the data on your Android device. The program will identify your device after it is connected to computer. When computer identified your device, you can click Start to scan the data on your device. Your lost contacts, call history and messages will be scanned.
3.Preview the scanned result. When the scan is finished, you will be able to preview the scanned result. The call history will be displayed with Name, Phone, Date, Type(incoming/outgoing) and Duration.
4.Save the recovered data on your computer. Click Recover and choose a safe folder on the pop-up window. The recovered call logs will be saved in a folder in three formats: csv, xml and html. This is a considerate design since you can view, print or put back the data easily in this way.
Gihosoft provides free trial version for Android data recovery. You can use it to scan your phone for lost call logs or other data and update it to full version if you think it is worthy.
Tips for you after data loss
1. Try not to use your phone. New data may overwrite the lost data.
2. Seek help from professional data recovery tool as soon as possible.
3. Back up your remaining data to avoid more loss.

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