How the Internet and the Social Media can help you if you are a Musician.


Keep Calm and PLAY on

Music is a way of expression. It has become a culture followed by a myriad of people across the globe. Music connects souls and unites people. It triggers our senses and helps with social and interpersonal aspects of life. It a good source of ‘food for thought’ in the form of individual lyrics and instrumental compositions.

We all might have different tastes in music. And why wouldn’t we, especially when the list of genres is simply abounding. Moreover, there are millions of artists creating music everyday for a huge fan base and guess what, all this entertainment is majorly transferred through the one and only – Internet.

Ever since the internet took over the world, sharing music has become really easy. Nowadays, people have started to upload and download digital copies of albums and songs. In-fact, even the artists have started to focus more on releasing their digital albums and EP’s, because, let’s face it, we are constantly glued to the internet in the form of different devices. And from the marketing point of view, it’s actually quite an effective platform! If out of the 24 hours of a day, most of our time gets channeled on to the internet based activities, then its actually quite obvious that we are slowly becoming internet dependent.

Music is a form of CONTENT

It’s all about ‘the content’ they say? It kind of makes sense now where music, is yet another form of content. Just as every type of content is niche oriented, even music is niche oriented and henceforth, every genre has a different fan base, growing day by day because of the rising demands.

Are YOU a Musician? Why don’t you share your Music ONLINE?

Nowadays, sharing music has become really easy. With the rise of internet marketing, any internet based platform related to music can become a huge asset for those who are confident with their desire to make music commercially. Of course with the adequate R&D this could easily become a reality.

There are websites such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, that have actually helped promote early musicians find success in their musical careers. A good example of this is Adele, who started her career in this fashion.

Such platforms also help in establishing social connections and relationship building, bringing the musical fraternity together.

Whether you home record music or get it professionally recorded in a well known recording studio, producing under a well known record label; it simply doesn’t affect the process of social presentation. When you upload your music on these social sharing websites targeting your niche audience, the various listeners who are logged in will come across your music. This is how you can fetch likes and shares to your music, which further helps in promoting your music. Moreover, if you know how to use Hashtags, it can enhance the outreach of your music globally.

Just in case you have a website of your own showcasing your music and your musical merchandises, you can fetch traffic from these social media sites towards your website by linking the same. That’s where internet marketing will step in and this is something where you can capitalize big time.

As easy as this marketing strategy seems, it does require some skills and a bucket full of patience. After all, social engagement is not easy.

It all depends on how creatively you can attract the listeners towards your music.

Evolving Internet, Evolving Music, Evolving Human Personalities

Your music taste can eventually end up becoming a personality trait. For instance, the way people carry themselves speaks about their music taste and overall personality. This is

something which can be observed in most of the musical festivals wherein you might see people dressed up in similar fashion, having a like minded attitude.

Music creates perception and that’s how we start building a like or dislike about a particular genre. As humans evolve , the human made things and practices also evolve along with it.

The Music industry has also evolved. It has seen its share of ups and down and with time, it has changed accordingly. From the roots and regional folk music till 21st century Electronic content, music has evolved ! Its all about social media now. Every music artist regardless of his genre has a strong social media presence or tries to achieve one.Same goes with the various concerts and music festivals.

Long gone are those days when print was the real source of advertising. Within a short span of 2-3 years , the internet has taken over a lot of things and has totally changed the way we work. People download music now. Not many buy CD’s. Times are changing, and so is the way of presenting things to us. Now, the internet has turned into a stable and central medium of communication, distribution and fund generation.

Here are some internet strategies that you can use to increase the visibility of your music over the net.

1) Teasers and Promos on YouTube

Nowadays it has become a trend on social media where musicians launch a teaser or a promo before the release of their original album. This is one of the best tricks to gain some fame and popularity of the album before its launch. Generally people post a video of 30 seconds which helps them to get some attention in the social media before its launch.

2) HashTag campaign on Twitter

Twitter is actually cool for those who understand how to use it in the right way. Creating a marketing strategy, for instance a hashtag campaign about an upcoming album launch, an upcoming concert or festival, are some of the best practices of various music artists and festival organizers.

You can target famous musicians and hijack their Hashtags very creatively.
For instance, if you are a budding artist and you just came up with a fresh cover of a latest track by some well known artist, you might as well focus on sharing your cover video or audio by targeting the hashtag of the artist whose song you have covered. This way you will get the attention of the direct fans of the artist and your video/audio will get some views as well. This is how a multimedia file(video/audio) goes viral.

3) Facebook Sharing

Linking your music accounts on Facebook is easy and at the same time quite effective in user engagement. As a musician who wants to promote his music, this should be the very first step in this long haul process of social engagement via Facebook. There are options on Facebook that allow you to make your own page and group. This can be helpful if you are the internet savvy types and understand how to interact and communicate with people on Facebook via these platforms.
It all depends on how effectively you can post material on your Facebook page and how often you can represent your music time and again. Hyperlinking via the posts you make will help spread the word about your music in the target communities and across. It’s a huge platform after all and there is a lot that can be done on Facebook when it comes to promotion.

There can be no better platform than the internet to promote something as demanding as Music. Once you start absorbing the various tips and tricks of using social media, you can actually end up having a boost in your overall marketing venture be it via sales, leads or by a hike in social engagement.


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