Open Source Web Development Using AIS Technolabs


Open source software are big boon to the Software Industry, especially for Web Development. Open Source software will have an open-source license which enables anyone to study, change and even improve the software. The Open Source software development process is where several expert software developers pool their skills and efforts into developing a good Software.

Open Source Software can be used freely and even modified. It has grown in popularity over the past few years and now there are several open source software available for several purposes, like web development, desktop software and even browsers and operating systems.

Open Source Development Survey

A survey was conducted in 2014 in which more than 10,000 people had participated. This was a very revealing and informative survey with the following outcomes:

  • The survey results show what approximately 9% believe that open source software is less secure.
  • About 35% believe that open source software is more secure
  • It was found that in a typical organization about 75% of their systems run on open source software
  • Main reason that organizations pick Open Source Software

There are many reasons why people use open source software. One of the reasons may be that open sources software usually free use. However there is another benefit of using Open Source software and that is to develop faster and high quality products. An Open Source software is open for all and any one can offer their contribution hence that is a lot of expert heads working together.

Although this does seem good in theory it is not always practical hence it is a good idea to use a popular and proven open source software.,

The other advantage that organizations have often found is that open source software increases the quality.

Open Source Development at AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs is one firm that understands the importance of a website to a business. But better still they understand the importance of being on the top of the search engine results.


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