Wearable Gadgets and Mobile Apps for Health Care and Fitness



What comes into your minds when this term appears in front of your eyes? If we are guessing right, you have the Apple Watch and the Google Glasses in mind. What about the wearables that have been bound with the Healthcare Industry, for so many years, hidden in plain sight?

Healthcare Industry has been affiliated with wearables for many years now, using the power it carries on providing immediate help. However, these wearables were only used when someone was to be hospitalized. This wearable digital band contains all the information about the patient’s treatment, symptoms, issues and more. When scanned, it can produce all the information about that patient’s treatment at one go, without having to go through the heavily loaded files and folders.

This relation between digitalization and living a healthy life is growing stronger ever since. Wearables created specially for this purpose can be worn and live data feed will be transferred from the wearable to the clinic. If any problem arises, then this data feed will alert the doctors about this situation and immediate action can be taken. Lives can be saved if the correct treatment is given at the right time, due to a piece of wearable technology.

Wearables of this sort are many; from a wrist band to an ear plug to washing clothes for monitoring the health conditions of the patients. However, doctors are still dicey about this whole situation. While most of the doctors respond positively to this scenario and the possibilities that has made saving lives easy, but some still believe that wearables cannot replace a visit to the doctor’s.
While smartphone apps have already been prescribed to the patients by doctors, this marks as the step 2 in this process. From apps that are rendering medical services to wearables that keep the health of the person in check.

Here are some interesting statistics related to the Healthcare digitalization, as referred to by FugenX:

  • 52% of smartphone users will search health related information from their phones.
  • A survey conducted suggests that by 2041, approximately 81% of physicians will use smartphones.
  • IMS Research anticipate that with more than $2.9 billion over wearables specifically for the healthcare department, by 2016, these wearables would account for half the wearable device market.
  • It is estimated that approximately eighty million American adults will make the best use of their smartphones for health-related searches and possibilities.
  • A survey highlights that there was an increase in fitness through wearable technology as witnesses by 63% of users from U.K.

This data shows the amount of connection that healthcare and technology have right now. The future, however, looks brighter. While right now these wearables are merely starting up, there are endless possibilities that it has in the days to come. Even the Apple Watch, known for its luxury, was heavily loaded with healthcare apps when it was in its first phase. Only time can tell where this hand in hand journey between technology and healthcare industry will reach.


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