Pampers Meet

20th September 2015, one of the memorable days in the life of Indian bloggers when bloggers from all over India celebrated blogging in the WIN15 Blogging awards held by BlogAdda at the JW Sahar Hotel in Mumbai. A day well spent meeting blogging friends, attending workshops by some of the greatest and experienced Speakers, awarding and appreciating the best bloggers of India and finally the book launch of ‘Game of Blogs’.

On the same day Pampers also came up with their Pre Product launch of their all new Baby diapers. Pampers has been in this business of manufacturing and selling baby diapers and they have set the faces of almost every mother and her baby smiling since years. And with their new product coming soon in the market, they will be coming up with something really great which make the childhood days of the baby and her mother really memorable.


This meet was hosted by one of the famous personalities in the Television Industry, Mrs. Mandira Bedi. And accompanying her there were three more speakers in the meet. Ajita Seethapalli, a skin care expert, Tara Sharma, a blogger, mother and a very beautiful actress. Along with them we also had Dr. Wei Sing Long, a young scientist who also had immense knowledge about skin care and health care for babies.


The event started with all the three speakers speaking on their experiences about the baby skin care. How it is important for every mother to take care of the soft skin of their babies. Then all the bloggers sitting in the room were asked to pick the samples of diapers which were kept on each table, touch them and share their experiences about which was the softest diaper they felt after touching all the three samples kept on the table labelled as A, B and C.

Every blogger was asked to share their opinion by voting for the options A, B and C on the voting meters, and majority of the bloggers voted for B. And every mother present over there was surprised when the identity of the samples were disclosed, the softest one among all the three was the Pampers New Diaper.

The softness test was over and now it was time to test how much liquid can this diaper soak. The diaper contained some special get and Dr. Wei Sing Long demonstrated us about its soakness by performing a small test. She took some liquid inside a beaker and then she poured the gel on top of it. She then turned the beaker upside down and hat we saw was unbelievable, not even a single drop of liquid came out of the glass and the gel absorbed it completely.


After the absorption test now it was time to test whether that gel was harmful to baby or not, again Dr. Wei Sing Long applied the gel on a pH paper and sprayed a liquid who pH value was equal to the pH value of a baby’s urine, and what we saw was that the part of paper which was covered with the gel remained unchanged.


And a final test was done to check how comfortable is that pant for a baby, and bloggers personally teared off the new diapers and found that the material was quite flexible and comfortable.

There was a questionnaire round with the experts and then the meet finally concluded with a small gift distributed to the Bloggers which contained the brand new product from Pampers.


This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForTheBabySkin  activity in association with BlogAdda


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