Live Your Fashion with the Wooplr App


Wooplr is a community of a million fashionable people, who bring you the best in women’s fashion. This stylish community helps you discover global & local fashion trends and where to buy them. Check out the collections to stay ahead of fashion trends. Your sense of style can also help you become a trendsetter by simply posting pictures that showcase your style.

Build your Style Profile

Always get compliments on your outfits? Well, you can earn Wooplr Style Miles by posting your fab looks and redeeming them at your favorite stores and brands such as Forever 21, Koovs, Jabong, Amazon, Zara and Lifestyle! Adding tags to your look will help showcase your outfit better and increase your reach while earning you more Style Miles.

Get Fashion Inspiration & a Personalized Feed

Browse, buy and style apparel and accessories, and get ideas from our community of women shoppers including top fashion bloggers, designers, stylists and celebrities. Browse “looks” and discover new styles. Get inspired by current trends for everyday wear and special occasions. Adding tags to your look will help showcase your outfit better and increase your reach while earning you more Style Miles.

Shop Looks you love from your Favorite Collections or Other Fashionistas

Search and filter thousands of trendy and stylish fashion products and shop the latest looks of the season on the go! Our in-house fashion curators put together “collections” to help you stay ahead of the trends.

Now find all your favorite brands in one place. Our virtual storefront is designed to get fresh in-store products as soon as they hit the shelves at brands such as Forever 21, Zara & 50+ other cool brands! Our product catalog now includes the top brands in the country.

Wooplr is now providing FREE Shopping Vouchers and if you want these vouchers then here is what you need to do:

1. Download the Wooplr App from HERE.


2. Open the app, and click on NEXT till you find the option to ‘ENTER CODE‘.

Note: Do not skip the Introduction.


3. This is one of the most important step. Enter the code as ‘RAH8BC‘ without quotes to get 50 Style miles for FREE.

Note: Style Miles is the currency of the Wooplr app, 1 Style Mile = 1 Rupee in the Indian Currency. Don’t miss this step esle it will be your own loss as you will not get 50 Style Miles as a Sign Up bonus. So carefully enter the code RAH8BC.

WhatsApp-Image-20160729 (1)

4. Sign in with your Facebook or Google+ Account.

WhatsApp-Image-20160729 (2)

5. Fill your details such as Name, Profession and Gender.

6. Congratulations, you have received 50 style miles for FREE.


7. Click on the Gift icon and then click on Invite friends. They will generate a referral code for you that you can share to earn more style miles.


8. Minimum payout is Rs. 100, you get Rs. 50 Sign up bonus, just refer 3 more friends or use our unlimited trick. Earning infinite vouchers is very easy and you can earn without referring the app to anyone just by using our Unlimited trick.


Unlimited Earning Trick.

1. After successfully creating your account note down your referral code and go to Settings >> Apps >> Wooplr.


2. Clear the Data and Uninstall app of the Wooplr app.

3. Change your Android Device Id.

On Phones:

  • Download and Install Device Id Changer App (Download), change all the values such as IMEI, Android ID, Advertising Id and Serial to Random values. Make sure you keep a record of your original phone Ids before you do this.

WhatsApp-Image-20160729 (3)

On Bluestacks:

  • Make sure you have Bluestacks installed on your computer. Download BS Tweaker from HERE.
  • Run BS Tweaker as Administrator and change Android ID, GUID, Google advertising ID and Device Model as shown in the image.
  • Go to step 4.


4. Download the .apk file of app from HERE and save it on your computer. Open and install the app and enter your referral code. Sign in with a new and different Facebook and Google+ ID.

5. That’s all, check the style miles in your main account.

Note: You can earn unlimited using this trick. The only constraints are the number of Google+ and Facebook IDs. More the number of IDs you have, more you can earn with this trick.

The Best part of the referral scheme is that you get bonuses in between when you cross milestones. If you cross milestone of referring 5 people then you get 50 additional points, then more 100 on 10, 150 on 15 and so on….

Also there are some extra bonuses such as 10% extra Style miles when you redeem a voucher (i.e. Free 50 Style Miles when you redeem voucher worth Rs. 500, 10 on 100, 100 on 1000).

You also get extra 500 style miles when you complete minimum 20 referrals on one day.

So if you complete 20 referrals in one day then you can earn:

50 (Sign Up bonus)+ 400 (20*20 Style miles)+ 200(50+50+50+50 bonus as they give 50 bonus on every 5 referrals)+ 500 (Referral bonus of referring 20 people) = 1150 Style Miles.

Now you again get more 100+10 Style Miles when you redeem voucher worth Rs. 1000 and Rs. 100. So you again have 110 bonus.

Keep doing this process everyday to earn unlimited vouchers.

Using Wooplr’s vouchers you can purchase anything on the Wooplr App for FREE. The validity of the vouchers is 12 months, you can even gift it to your Friends and Sisters since occasions like Friendship day and Raksha Bandhan are coming soon. You can buy branded clothes of ZARA, Forever21, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Aldo, Mango, etc. for FREE


How to avoid voucher rejection.

I know this trick does not require any Mobile Number verification and hence you can loot unlimited vouchers, but at the same time take some precautions so that the owners of the app do not smell something wrong. Maintain a time interval if 15 minutes before using the same code to refer again. You can use 3-4 different codes simultaneously but make sure that there is a minimum gap of 15 minutes on each code.

That’s all, I hope this trick would have helped you. Do share it with your friends so that even they can get the benefits of this trick.


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