The Big Smartphone Debate #ChampIsBack.


This is a situation with everyone of us whenever we are looking to bu a new smartphone. Smartphones have become a very essential part of our lives, and once we plan to buy a new smartphone there are unending questions that come to us challenging our decision of what smartphone we had decided. The primary source that we use is the internet where we read specifications about various phone and shortlist a few on the basis of the specs we desire and the price range that we can afford. Then we do watch some unboxing and review videos on YouTube which gives us at least 85-90% of the final idea about which smartphone to buy, moreover we then visit online shopping sites and compare the prices of the phones. After doing all this when we ask for the last opinion from the side of our parents, friends or relatives, here comes the point which leaves us no where. 90% of the people face this similar issue while purchasing a phone that when they ask someone for an opinion regarding a particular phone, the other person tries to share his/her thoughts not by telling what is good about this phone but rather sharing some features of some other phone which he/she likes. And then you end up like this..


If you are currently in such a situation situation then here we bring you the Big Smartphone Debate hosted by your favorite host Mr. Arnab Goswami, exclusively on the TechGrade channel. Sit back holding your seats tight for one of the biggest debate on smartphones available today and I assure you that this debate will answer all your questions regarding the purchase of a new smartphone. So here we go..



Arnab: Now to move further on this discussion we would like to introduce to the judges and the speakers.


Arnab: Our very first judge is Ms. Random Click, technically she knows nothing about the smartphones but the only reason why she is here is because of her 50K Twitter and Instagram Followers. Statistics say that she takes a selfie in every 5 minutes and 90% of those are a duck face. Her secret behind her photos is not great photography, but her only trick to take around 100 photos at a time and out of those 100 photos which looks good is shared with a hashtag of Random click on social networks.

Our Second Judge is Mr. Smart, he is the only person in the panel who has great knowledge about phones. He is famous for his unboxing and reviews videos on YouTube and technically he has a lot of experience in this field.

We have three speakers today,

Our first speaker is Mr. Pineapple, he will be supporting the case of iPhones. He has been using iPhones since years and has a good experience using the Apple products.

Our second Speaker is Mr. Brian Loudmi, he will be representing all the Chinese mosquitoes (Mobiles) available in the market.

And our final speaker is Mr. Kunal, he will be supporting the case of the Nexus phones. He has been using Nexus 5 since a year and besides that he is also a tech blogger who has some good experience using and reviewing many big smartphones.

So here is my first question:










Pineapple: iPhones have always been a symbol of the best design in the smartphones. Our co-founder Mr. Steve Jobs has designed principles for the iPhones which are still followed today. The iPhone 6 has got a LCD capacitive screen of 4.7 inches.

Kunal: Nexus 5X has introduced a new innovation in the field of mobile designs and build up with the launch of the new Nexus phones. The new design has a finger print scanner at the back side below the camera and the speakers have been kept in the front side so that the user gets the best experience watch videos and there are two speakers which are loud and clear which will enable the user to enjoy a full video watching experience on a screen size of 5.2 inches.

Conclusion: Both have innovative new looks and strong built quality. Nexus 5X leads the race with a bigger screen size of 5.2 inches.


Pineapple: The camera of the iPhones has been always wonderful since years. iPhone 6 has a primary camera of 8 MP and secondary camera of 1.2 MP.

Kunal: I think Mr. Pineapple should have a look on the camera of the Nexus 5X. It has a primary camera of 12.3 MP with 1.55μm pixels which capture more light and gives photos which are of the DSLR quality. We live in a country where everyone likes taking selfies and Nexus 5X provides you with a secondary camera of 5 MP which captures your best selfies.

Conclusion: No doubts that the Nexus 5X again beats the iPhone when it comes to it new camera.


Pineapple: We have a goo battery of 1810 mAh which sometimes last for a day if we avoid playing games and watching videos.

Kunal: Lol, you don’t play game or watch videos just to save your battery life then what is the use of purchasing such expensive phone. The Nexus 5X comes with a non removable battery of 2700 mAh which lasts through out the day with playing games, watching videos and listening to loud music on the speakers.

And one of the greatest thing is that it comes with Type C USB charger which supports fast charging, hence it allows you to charge a battery life of 4 hours in just ten minutes. According to me that is really awesome.


Conclusion: With such a battery life and fast charging, Nexus 5X rules over the iPhone.


Pineapple: iPhone was the first to provide with a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone for the best security, you can also use it for your payments using the Apple pay.

Kunal: I agree to the fact that iPhone was the first to provide the fingerprint scanner, but with my survey that I took with the users, they said that the fingerprint scanner takes a lot of time and sometimes it also hangs up. The Nexus 5X provides you with a fingerprint scanner which works very smoothly and with the innovation of placing it on the back side it also increases the simplicity and users feel more comfortable to use it.


Conclusion: Both stand same but Nexus 5X leads due to its new innovation which is more comfortable to the users.


Pineapple: The iPhones come with a reasonable price, I know they are a bit expensive but the price is worth the product.

Kunal: I don’t feel so, Nexus 5X proved to be providing better features than the iPhone but is still prices at a very affordable price. I think investing such a big amount is not required on smartphones when you can get better features in affordable price.

Conclusion: Nexus 5X provides all that what an iPhone can provide and also much more additional features in a very affordable price. No doubts, Nexus 5X wins here.

The final conclusion..





After such a long debate I am sure you might be in love with the Nexus 5X so far. But the story doesn’t end for me, here are a few best things that I would with the Nexus 5X to make the best use of its cool features:

Playing High End games.

best android games better graphics free modern combat 5

Playing High end games is something that every youngster like me loves to do on his phone, but unfortunately due to less RAM, heating issues and battery problems people have to stick to some small games. The Nexus 5X comes with the Snapdragon 808 Hexa core processor and 2 GB RAM which provides us with HD graphics on it 5.2 inch screen and with long battery life and fast charging I can play on continuously for hours.

Blogging and Edit Docs anytime, anywhere.


For tech bloggers like me it is very important to keep track of what new is happening now and then, and of course I also love to blog about some really spectacular stuffs. With the Nexus 5X I get the pre installed Google apps which also allows me to edit excel sheets, word documents and PowerPoint presentations quickly, I can do all my work on this phone.

Professional photography.


With the all new 12.3 Megapixels that capture even the smallest source of light, surely I don’t feel I need to carry my DSLR every time. I can still take quality pictures with high clarity on this phone’s camera. And the best part is that it allows me to record 1080p videos from the front camera as well, so I can simply capture all the happy memories of my life with this phone.

Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality is the new future of technology, it helps you to experience a world in all the three dimensions. With the best sensors and the big screen display of the Nexus 5X I can enjoy watching 3D and 360 degree movies on my Virtual reality kit. Just imagine things entering a third dimensional world with the help of the new Nexus 5X, the experience will be priceless.

Show Off!!


Being a part of the Nexus family, I will be the first ones among the billion android users to receive the latest updates. LG and Google showed why they are the best in the past as well, and with this new phone I can proudly show off that I own a Nexus 5X, the best phone available in the today.

The story doesn’t end here, share your thoughts on how will you use the features of the Nexus 5X and make the best out of it in the comments section.

I am participating in the#ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.

Image Sources:

Arnab Goswami Youtube videos, imgflip, Google Nexus 5X.


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