Gifts For Him

Disclaimer: This blog is for audience above 25 years.Our lives give us many reasons to gift people we love. Gifting someone itself is mind boggling when you have to decide which gift will be best for a particular person. We try to guess likes or dislikes on the basis of one’s profession, status, personality and so many things. Generally, on maximum occasions we gift a girl. Deciding here is not a big job as we ourselves know what a girl will like to have as a gift from us, and knowing what she wants requires no scientific or engineering knowledge as you can straight away get into conversations with her and at some point she will indirectly signal you about what she wants. But in the other case when it comes to gifting a man, it becomes very difficult to decide what kind of gift will really make him happy. When it comes to gifting a man we select a gift from the set of old traditional gifts which are generally given to a man since ages. Here is a list of those things which can be generally gifted to man:

  1. Perfume.
  2. Shirt.
  3. Watch.
  4. Tie.
  5. Book.
  6. Gadgets such as a Mobile, Tablet, Smart Watch, Laptop, etc.
  7. Suit.
  8. Bike/ Car.
  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Scotch.

Things like Perfumes, Shirts, Suits, Books and Watches are being gifted to a man since ages. At the time of Mughal Empire, even Kings of other Empires used to gift Akbar with Ittar (A type of Perfume), Chaugah (A type of King’s Apparel),etc. Expensive gifts such as Sunglasses, Gadgets and Vehicles are being gifted to men from the late 90’s till today. You will be amazed after reading the 10th option where I have mentioned a Scotch, you may not know but surveys say that a majority of men love to have alcohol as a gift and what kind of an alcohol can be better than the Scotch Whiskey.

Scotch Whiskey is like a Kiss

You will enjoy it more if you share it 

with someone you like.

As the quote says, Scotch is something that can be only enjoyed when you share it with someone you like. And here are 3 reasons why Scotch is the best gift for a man.

1. Gifting Scotch to a person shows that you have a great Respect for him.

Scotch is not something that you will be gifting to every man in your life. Scotch itself is a symbol of pride and and the receiver will feel Respected when he receives it.

2. It Shows that you know the person very well and understand his Taste.

It is logical that you won’t gift a bottle of Scotch to any Tom, Dick or Harry. You will only gift it to someone whom you know very well and understand what kind of taste does he demand for in his life.

3. This gift from you will have a long Shelf life and the receiver will remember you in all his good and bad times.

A bottle of Scotch is something which men think to preserve for a longer time as the longer it is preserved, the better it tastes.Also he will respect it and will only drink it at his good or bad times, and the taste of Scotch will make him remember you at every shot he drinks.

Image 2


There is long list about Gifts for Men and Gifts for Him which you can find on these links, and apart from it if you want to know more about Scotch as a Gift then do follow the link and explore many more reasons why Scotch is the Best gift for a man. Readers will be appreciated if they share their thoughts in the comments section.



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