INK 2015 – A confluence of great minds and stories

The INK Conference is an annual conference that aims to fuel innovation and foster knowledge by bringing together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers on a global stage. The ideas that these speakers put forth are shared with the world, inspiring thought, conversation, and ultimately action. This year INK had organized a 3 day conference in Mumbai on 16-18 October, 2015 at The Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. And I am very thankful to INK and BlogAdda for giving me a chance to attend the INK LIVE which took place at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai.

What is INK LIVE and how is it different from the INK conference?

INK conference is the main event which took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai, where various innovators, designers, actors, doctors, directors, musicians, social servers and businessmen were the speakers who shared their experience with everyone gathered over there. They spoke about their journey to success, innovative plans and other life experiences in the conference. INK LIVE was a parallel event conducted at ISDI Parsons in Mumbai where a private LIVE screening of the entire conference took place. Apart from the screenings the INK LIVE also had some amazing workshops for the people attending the INK LIVE. Also many speakers who spoke in the main conference visited the INK LIVE to have a face to face interaction with the students, designers, engineers, film makers, doctors and other attendees who attended the INK LIVE.


Morning Session, INK LIVE, Day 2.

Both these events took place for three days out of which I attended the second and the third day. The second day started with the session 5 of the event which was Emerge, also there were 2 workshops being conducted parallel, one was the Re-defining fashion workshop by Poonam Mishra whereas the other workshop was being conducted by Satya Raghawan about Broadcast yourself on YouTube. I attended the workshop by Satya Raghawan who shared about how to create a successful channel on YouTube and recording videos in a professional way. After the workshop there was a speaker interaction session with Dr. Balamurali Krishna Ambati. Dr. Balamurali Ambati M.D. PH.D. became the world’s youngest doctor, receiving his medical degree at the age of 17. He was rated #1 in a Top 40 under 40 global survey of ophthalmologists by The Ophthalmologist magazine in May 2015, he has been chosen as one of the Moran Jazz Doctors, the NBA Utah Jazz team ophthalmologists. He spoke about his life and how he completed his studies earlier than what actual time does it take to complete that course and also shared many of his life experiences with us.

Then there was a Tea/ Coffee break for 15 minutes followed by two more workshops on Drum circle by Abhijeet Jejurikar and Art & Technology Fusion by Shashwat Ratan. During this time I with my Blogging Friends Sanjay Thampy and Lancelot attended the live screening of the INK conference and I was truly inspired by the hard work of Babar Ali who worked to provide free education to the poor children in his village.



Then we had the second speaker interaction of the day with Sharath Gayakwad.Sharath M. Gayakwad is an Indian Paralympic swimmer who has over 30 international and 40 national medals to his credit, one of them being a bronze medal at the 2010 Asian Para Games. Sharath is also the first Indian swimmer to qualify for the Paralympics and competed in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. At the 2014 Asian Games, he broke P.T. Usha’s record for most number of medals by an Indian at any multi-discipline event by winning 6 medals. Before coming to this meet I had only seen him on social networks, but after meeting him I felt more motivated as his story was something that every person who is about to quit something should look at.

The morning session was concluded and it was time for a delicious lunch at the ISDI cafe.

Afternoon Session, INK LIVE, Day 2.

There were two workshops in the afternoon, Workshop on Visual Effects and Real time media was conducted by Behram Patel and the other one was the second slot of the Art and technology fusion workshop. I attended the Art and Technology Fusion workshop with my Blogging friends.

The Art and Technology Fusion Workshop.

The Art and Technology workshop was conducted by Shashwat Ratan and other volunteers of the INK LIVE. The basic aim of this workshop was to connect art with technology and create something innovative out of it. We were provided with the Electrobricks Beta version kit for this workshop along with a motor, light sensor, connecting wires, stationery and LEDs. Mr. Shashwat explained us about the operating of the kit. The kit had some input/ output ports, 2 seven segment displays and 5 keys to change the 9 channels of the kit.



He demonstrated us how to use the kit and connecting things like LEDs and motor. The kit produced different sounds when the circuit was completed using the graphite of a pencil or simple water. The workshop was very interesting and it brought my innovative brain back to work when I went home and used that kit.


Here are couple of videos of what I learned in the Workshop:


After the workshop we had the final speaker session with Arunabh Kumar. Arunabh Kumar, Founder & CEO, The Viral Fever, featured in Fortune “40 Under 40” List of India’s Business Leaders of 2015, is the Founder & CEO of The Viral Fever (TVF Group), a new age media company, with the philosophy of “Lights…Camera…Experiment !”. He is hailed as an expert on Youth Entertainment and a driver of Online Content Evolution in India. TVF’s online business entity “TVF-ONE” got featured in top 20 Start Ups in India of 2014. He shared about how an IITian from Kharagpur went on creating the TVF.

The second day was finally concluded with a musical performance by Vandana Srinivasan who made everyone dance on the tunes of Nagada Sang Dhol Baje.


Morning Session, INK LIVE, Day 3.

The day started with a speaker interaction session with Lakshmi Pratury, she came and interacted with every attendee of the INK LIVE. This was the second time I was meeting her, the first time was when I met her at the WIN15 Blogging awards conducted by BlogAdda. She is interacted like a friend with everyone sitting at the INK LIVE.



Later there was a Wearable technology workshop conducted by Shashwat Ratan followed by the most awaited Speaker interaction session with the very famous character known as “Ted” from the show “How I met your Mother”, yes we had with us an actor, a director and a writer, all 3 in one Mr. Josh Radnor. We had a great interactive session with him where he answered almost every question asked to him about his life and journey so far. Later we enjoyed the LIVE Tandav being performed by Dharavi Rocks at the main event of the conference, the Tandav really got everyone of us moving on our feet.

Finally the entire event was concluded with a delicious lunch at the ISDI cafe and everyone went back to their homes.

My Word…

The INK conference is that platform where we get to interact with many successful people who came up with flying colors even after facing many obstacles in their lives. It is also a place where a lot of innovative talks take place. I am thankful to BlogAdda and INK for giving me a chance to be there and interact with those people whom I only knew after reading about their success stories in newspapers and internet.


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