6 Things to note before purchasing a new Laptop/Computer/Tablet

Choosing the right tablet or computer has never been easy. Finding a place to start is even harder. There’s a huge number of great devices in the market and narrowing it down seems like a daunting task. Here are a few things to remember before you splurge on a brand new electronic device:

What Do Want to Use Your Tablet/PC For?

First things first, figure out what you want to do on the computer/tablet you plan on buying. If you plan on gaming, expect on paying top dollar to achieve a fast system that can run the newest games. If you plan on just creating documents, slideshows, and documents, you don’t need the most technologically advanced computer out there. Once you figure what you want to use your new PC or tablet for, then you can set a price point of how much you’re willing to spend.

Portability and Accessories

The age-old debate of a desktop vs a laptop comes down to whether you can afford it or whether or not you care about the added portability a laptop offers. If you want to take your work/games wherever you go, opt for a laptop. On the flip side for tablets, checking to make sure it has support for peripherals like a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse may prove handy if you ever need it.

Know Your Budget

Arguably the most important facet to keep in mind, knowing your budget is the quickest way to narrowing down your candidates. Computers and tablets aren’t as expensive as they once were, so it’s easier to find great devices at a rather low cost. Once you’ve figured out your price point, next you can compare specs.

Performance is Everything

Do not dismiss specifications as a bunch of terms and numbers. It’s the information that gives you a clue as to how your computer or tablet will perform. In both devices, a higher RAM (memory) is great for multitasking and running more memory intensive applications. Having more storage allows you to have more space to download more software and save more data. A fast CPU, which is the brains behind a tablet and a computer, enables you to run more heavy-duty applications. You can’t skimp on these components when looking for a PC or a tablet.

Age Isn’t Just a Number

The worst possible thing about getting a brand new computer or tablet is finding out they can’t run some of the newest applications. Avoid that issue by checking exactly when the device in question was released and whether it still receives support from the manufacturer. Steer clear of computers released more than five years ago as by now they have lost support and still use outdated parts. As for tablets, the market is more volatile than the PC market. Look for a tablet released in the past year so you can stay on top of the newest updates and patches.


Accidents and viruses can happen at any time. It’s important to have steps in place to fix your PC or tablet when it has a problem. Businesses like iTOK can protect your computer for viruses and malware, as well as fix other problems you may run into. Be sure that no matter what you end up getting, you are running regular backups to protect your data.

If you consider the pros and cons of laptops, desktops and tablets, you can find something that work for your specific needs.


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