Points to Remember while Installing a Home Security System


Security of loved ones is essential to everyone. While companies take measures to protect their premises of break-ins and ensure that their employees are fine, people like to have a sense of security at their home as well. This is why home security systems are as equally in demand as commercial security systems. Moreover, the increasing crime rate in countries played a major role in making people think about securing their homes as well.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is one of the primary tasks when it comes to securing any premises. From offices to shopping complexes, from streets to homes, first line of action to improve security is to install closed circuit television cameras.

So, if you are also looking to make your home safe for your spouse, parents, and children, here are a few things that you need to pay attention to when shopping for home video security systems.

Live View or Recorded Video

This is a primary question you need to get an answer for. You want to get live view of every second of your home displayed on your system or you want to view recordings later in the day. While the live feed video cameras require internet access to transfer live feed to the destination machine, the recording cameras have in-built memory that stores recording for certain days.

Type of Camera

Selecting camera to enhance the security feature of your home requires understanding of the types of cameras available in the market. Getting a webcam from a retail store for security purpose is a big no; leave these cameras for what they are meant for–video chatting. For home security you would want long-range view cameras that can capture images of people clearly even from a certain distance. Dome and bullet type of cameras are the one that you can invest in for good security system.

Image Type

There are different types of images produced by cameras–color, black and white, infrared, and others–depending on your image type requirement, you can chose the type of camera. You can go for cameras that give color image during the day and switch to one of the following in night:

Black & White

Switching to black and white mode at night allows the cameras to generate clearer image even in less light.


Cameras with an intensifier mode for night allow you to see more by increasing the ambient light levels.

Infrared (IR)

Infrared cameras send out infrared signals and record the bounced back ones to generate better image even in low-light. Since IR is invisible to human eye, these cameras can easily record everything even when its pitch black.

In the End

Installing home security systems will help you feel a bit relieved regarding the security of your loved ones. Contact a reliable security camera installation and video monitoring agency to avail the benefits of the facility.


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