The Smartphone Technology – #Technocrats

How do you define a smartphone?

You may say that it’s one of the coolest inventions of the latest technology which helps you connect with anyone sitting at any part of the world either by voice calling, text messages or by a video chat. Is that all? You may also add that it provides you with various features such as taking a photo, recording voice and video, editing and viewing documents on the go, watching videos and also playing games. But again I would like to ask you the same question, Is that all?

Trying to answer my question will end you writing a complete book but still you will miss a lot of stuff about what your smartphone can do. I am not joking, I am damn serious about it that there are many features in your smartphone which you are probably not aware of.

The history of smartphones started from the age of wireless telephones, the longer ones which had big buttons on it to dial a number, and from then till today the smartphone technology has evolved to that extent about which no one expected in those days.



Here are the 5 fun things about your smartphone which makes it the best companion of all your fun times.

1. Photos and Selfies


Selfies are something which has made almost everyone pose in front of the cameras and in a country like India, “No Selfie a day, keeps you socially away”. If selfies were the currency, then India would have been the richest country in the world. No matter if you are a Bollywood actor or the Prime Minister, selfies have made everyone go crazy. Also with the new advanced cameras in smartphones, you can capture the best moments and also record slow motion videos. So the smartphone technology helps you carry a DSLR right in your pocket.

2. Video Calling and Social Networking.


What can be the biggest boon of the technology which helps you with connect all your loved via a video call. You can connect to anyone at any part of the world with the latest services such as 4G and faster internet. Also the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram have made everyone exercising their thumbs on the smartphones.

3. Gaming and Multitasking.



With the latest Octacore processors and huge RAMs, playing high end games and multitasking has now become the game of your fingertips. The smartphones helped you replace your Gameboys and PSPs with a more faster and efficient device.

4. Virtual Reality.


Your dream of taking a tour of the world will be fulfilled with this upcoming technology on your smartphones. YouTube has already shared some fantastic 360 degree videos which takes you into a virtual world, also the feature of watching any video in 3D using the Cardboard or Oculus is made available on its latest app.

5. Stay secured with the Fingerprint Scanner.


The fingerprint scanner takes the smartphones to another level of security. Now stay relaxed with your all your personal data and bank details secured with the best technology. Also you can enjoy shopping on the go anytime and anywhere by making payments quickly in just a matter of clicks with no worries of your details being hacked.

These were just a couple of pages of my book on the latest smartphone technology, there is a lot more still to come from the smartphone technology which will add more fun to your life everyday. Thanks for reading and do share your views in the comments section.

Image credits:

Skype, Lookout, Google Play store, Popsugar, Androidcentral.


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