App Marketing: 7 Most Essential Tools

App marketing is a serious business. To thrive and win in today’s competitive mobile ecosystem, every app marketer needs a set of marketing tools in their arsenal. Here are 7 smart tools every mobile marketer needs to make his/her app a hit among target audience. These are proven tools to help marketers set goals, measure performance against benchmarks, optimize their app and drive revenues.

1. App Store Optimisation

Let’s start at the top of the funnel. Once you are done building your app, you’ve to make sure your app is discoverable on the app store. ASO does not refer to a single thing but a cluster of activities that push your app to the top of app search results. It includes optimising the keywords, working on the app icons and description, pushing your app to the review sites and a lot more.

2. Smart App Analytics

When it comes to managing and growing your app, you can’t leave it to guesswork. Smart app analytics enable marketers to understand user behaviour, preferences and more. It helps them to delve deeper into how well their app is performing and drive their marketing strategy further. Here are the key mobile metrics every business should deploy in their marketing strategy – Session length and interval, screen flow, location analytics, mobile device usage, app abandonment and more.

3. App Simulators

App simulation tools enable businesses to test the app on multiple devices while it is being built. Such real-time testing helps businesses to get a live preview of their app, as and when they make changes to their app, thus enabling them to improve the app experience on-the-fly.

4. User Onboarding

On-boarding is perhaps the most crucial element of designing an app. Onboarding process acquaints the users with the basic and advanced functionalities of an app. Done right, on-boarding increases the likelihood of turning first time users into regular patrons.

5. Mobile Owned Channels

What really sets apart a mobile app as a marketing channel is its ability to send in-app messages and push notifications to users. The great thing with these mobile owned channels is that their open rate is above 90%. In stark contrast, the average open rate of e-mailers is merely 5-8%. Push notifications can be personalised and scheduled across any time zone for any part of the world.

6. Social APIs

With the advent of social media, virality got a whole new dimension. In today’s age, you simply can’t afford not to be on social media. An app that is well integrated with social media APIs like Twitter and Facebook, is all geared up to create a buzz around your brand. As a marketer, all you need to do is pick an online app maker that features all the key social APIs for your app.

7. A/B Testing

The app builder you choose must feature A/B testing. It lets app marketers test app elements like text and color and evaluate which one of the two options improve the engagement and which one doesn’t. And here’s the best thing – A/B testing doesn’t involve any coding. Properly implemented, A/B testing helps developers and marketers to steer their campaigns in the right direction.

By deploying these smart marketing tools, you can take your app to the next level. Just make sure you pick up the right mobile app builder that comes loaded with the above features and functionalities.


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