Latest WhatsApp Update: Text Formatting Free Download .apk File

WhatsApp has rolled out some very important updates this year and yet again it is all set to roll out a new cool feature of Text Formatting on its latest version of the the app. After the major changes of making it Free which was done earlier this year and also adding a new feature to share Files via the application, this cool feature on WhatsApp will enhance your texting styles on the application.


What are the new Features added in the latest update?

Whatsapp has worked on to add text formatting on its latest version and apart from that there are some additional features that you need to know for sure:

1. New Text formatting features such as Bold, Italic and Strikethrough will be added. And you can use that by following these instructions:

To type is bold you need to add the Asterisk Symbol (*) before and after the word you want to Bold.

For example: If you want to type ‘Hello’ in Bold then just add ‘*’ without quotes before and after Hello.

 *Hello* —> Hello

Similarly to write in Italic you need add underscore ‘_’ without quotes on either side of the word.

 _Hello_ —> Hello

And to strikethrough something, add a tilde ‘~’ without quotes to either side of the word:

 ~Hello~ —-> Hello

You can also try the combinations such as:

Bold with Italic:

_*Hello*_ —> Hello

Bold with Strikethrough:

~*Hello*~ —> Hello

Italic with Strikethrough:

~_Hello_~ —> Hello

Bold Italic And Strikethrough:

*_~Hello~_*  —> Hello

Note: To try all the three features please maintain the same order of ‘*’ first , ‘_’second and ‘~’ third, Else the feature may not work.

2. Apart from this you also get a new added feature of multiple selection of Chats and contacts on your WhatsApp so that you can forward the same message to multiple people in just one click by Selecting them at the time of Forwarding.

3. The latest update also gives you a quick reply function and and option to set solid wallpapers.

From where can I get the Latest version of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp has launched this application on beta testing version which is available only to selected people and due to this it is still not available on the Play Store. They are expected to roll out this feature as an update later in this month of April or in the First week of May.

But if you want to use this feature then TechGrade gives you this opportunity to Download the Latest Version .apk File of WhatsApp. Please follow the simple steps to download the app:


1. Click on the —> Download Link <—

2. The page will redirect you to a Google Drive Page.

3. Click on Download. (Refer the Screenshot)


4. After Downloading you need to install this app. Note that this is a .apk file and will only work for Android phones. We will update the same for iPhone users soon. Make  sure you have checked the unknown sources option in Security.

To do that. Go to Settings -> Security -> And Check mark the Unknown Resources option. This will allow you to install the .apk file.

5. That’s all, complete the installation and start using the latest features on WhatsApp.

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