League of Legends, Gamers making a living from home

Is gaming in your DNA? Then you need to check this out for sure.

League of Legends is highly popular and competitive online PC game. This game has forged a career for many people, also known as E-sports.
Many will choose to stream on twitch and other live streaming platforms and if you can get viewers which isn’t easy you can be making thousands a day just as many others are. You also have the option of becoming involved with one of the team organizations to fill positions such as the players, coaches or even casters.
For me personally it’s been Elo Boosting which is basically increasing another player’s rank within the game. Their is many different types of boosting such as division boosting, win boosting, placement boosting, duo queue boosting and so forth but in the end they all amount to the same thing which is assisting a fellow gamer increase their standing (rank) within the game.
It’s not easy but if you do happen to be a skilled individual, typically high diamond or above than you could be playing the game you love while also making good money!
I’m the owner of EloHut and have been boosting and managing a boosting company for over 4 years, overall i think it’s a great way to work from home and have a job that you can actually enjoy. Worse case league of legends is 100% free to play so it can’t hurt giving it a shot to see how good you are. If you have talent you very well could end up on the big stage with hundreds of thousands of people watching you play live for millions of dollars in cash prizes 🙂

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