7 New and Highly Paid Jobs in Tech Industry


The benefits and perks enjoyed by employees in the tech industry have been the envy of lots of other industries for a long while. Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology gained recognition as one of the rapidly growing industries and offered a horde of new opportunities to people all around the world. Over the years, it has expanded considerably and there is a wide array of jobs available. While these jobs are secure, there are some that pay better and are in greater demand as opposed to others. If you are planning out your career path, you should definitely know the 7 hot jobs in the tech industry right now:

1. Wireless Network Engineer

Wireless technology became the next big thing a few years ago and businesses have become more and more dependent on it. This means that there is a growing demand for wireless network engineers for connecting mobile and remote employees and still maintaining reliable and secure access. The job of a wireless network engineer entails conducting research, designing and implementing wireless networks, making additions, recommendations and upgrades for wireless network optimization to meet business requirements, documenting network infrastructure and design and conducting site surveys and radio frequency (RF) coverage. Salaries of wireless network engineers grew by 9.1% in 2015 and are expected to grow even more this year.

2. Big Data Engineer

Serving as a liaison between data scientists and business users, a big data engineer has the role of understanding the objectives of a business and then translating them into data processing. Their job description includes compiling, aggregating and transforming data into databases while large sets of data are gathered and analyzed by data scientists. They also make recommendations to businesses for uncovering opportunities and identify ways they can save money.

3. Software Development Manager

One of the highest paid positions in the technology sector is that of a software development manager. While this is a managerial position, it gets a higher pay grade because you have to have a high degree of education, several years of software experience and also some deep and advanced technical skills. There are plenty of job openings and the basic salary package begins from $135,000.

4. Mobile Applications Developer

Due to the widespread use of smartphones these days, companies and businesses have added mobile strategies to their overall marketing plan. One such strategy includes development of a mobile app for the business. This has led to an increase in demand for mobile applications developer. The growth of application development and mobility in the workplace has boosted their need on technology teams. Mobile initiatives are becoming mainstream and they are driving the hiring process, which means that a mobile applications developer can expect plenty of job opportunities in today’s competitive market. For the same reason, the studies and training in this field are pretty expensive. However, you can always look for good student discount options available online.

5. Content Strategist

You will hear everywhere that content is king nowadays. The job of a content strategist is to devise a game plan for creating content according to the needs and requirements of the business. They have to bear the objectives and goals in mind when doing so. There is an increased demand for content strategists because content creation and development has become rather mainstream in nearly all business organizations. The job of these professionals is to ensure that the content being produced is in accordance with the goals of the business and is compelling enough to attract the audience and get the desired response from them. The need for these strategists is expected to stay high for the foreseeable future because content creation is becoming a rather conventional practice in businesses.

6. Multimedia Designer

The job of a multimedia designer is to create and produce multimedia for interactive and electronic communications on the web. They do the same for all multimedia presentations and also for interactive exhibits and displays. Organizations and businesses have chosen to expand their digital strategies, which has led to the rise in demand for multimedia managers for keeping up with this process. These professionals possess the creative and technical skills and expertise needed for implementing strategies and are able to come up with powerful content for end-users. They are also aware of web development and design and how it can be used in favor of the business.

7. User Experience Specialist

These days, businesses have become customer-oriented due to increased competition in the market. You need to ensure that you provide a positive and happy experience to your customers and a user experience (UX) specialist can help you do exactly that. They provide users with a compelling experience by drawing on results from workflow analysis and user research. They also possess knowledge of web technologies such as web design. Their roles are hybrid in nature as they have design skills, technical skills and can also analyze research due to which they are highly paid.


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