Don’t call me a Tourist, Call me a Traveler

Of all the Books in the World,

the Best Stories are found between the pages of a Passport” .


Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions, no matter how stressed or uncomfortable you are in your professional lives. Travelling has a very different feeling and it takes us to a new world of joy where every moment counts with happiness and excitement. The more you travel, the more you start living the moments which no money can buy you and travelling makes you see a moon shine in the other part of the world where the light of the moon takes away all the darkness from your life. For me traveling has been a Dream, a Passion and an Exercise that boosts me with positive ideas every time I go exploring new places.

For me traveling is not just a task that will help me tick another box, but it is that journey where I start chasing those dreams which will make me a storyteller. To be a storyteller I don’t feel like traveling many places in a year or visiting the same place for many times. I rather dream of doing something new every time I travel a new place,something that cannot be done everywhere, something that can be only felt but can never be listed on a travel brochure. Those are the dreams that make me a traveler, and not a tourist.

Playing my Guitar near a Waterfall


Music is something that can heal any emotional wound and when music meets nature, it cures every wound of your soul. I am fond of singing and playing Guitar since my school days, I have a dream to play my Guitar near a waterfall where the cool breeze and sound of the water thrashing on the rocks will create a cool melodious background music for me and the chirping of the birds will add some chorus sound making the environment completely musical which can make the waves of water dance on the beats of my music.

Building my own Snow House


If you are a kid of 90’s then you might have seen the cartoon show Pingu, the Penguin. How Pingu who lives in Antarctica builds his own Snow House every day. I have a dream of visiting the snow covered regions of Himalaya and building my own Snow House and live there. Also I want to cook a cup of Hot Maggi Noodles and enjoy each eating it in the shivering cold climate.

Exploring the hilly regions on a Bicycle


Cycling is one of my favorite hobbies. I have a dream of riding a Jamis Defcon 2 over the mountains in North India. The Defcon 2 is a mountain bike which is made for riding on the hilly and rocky regions of a mountain. God has intentionally designed them in such a way that your car can’t take you there and you end up with an adventurous journey by exploring them on your bicycle.

 Sketching and Painting the Best moments

The Huge Lenses of the DSLRs is what we have started using these days to see the beauty of nature. We click thousands of pictures from various angles so that we can record each moment perfectly and then view it in the form of an image on a computer. By doing this we end up watching the beauty of nature through those lens of camera rather then feeling the beauty by watching them through one’s own eyes. My dream is a little different, I do love photography but I wish to sit at some place and paint the beauty of nature on a canvas sheet, this allows me to observe each pixel of the nature perfectly through my eyes, feel the creativity of nature using my heart and then paint it on a canvas sheet.

Setting up a tent at the seashore of some random island 


I sometimes feel to get lost on some random island. Carry a tent along with me and set it up near the seashore . A smaller one, but still better than 5 star hotel rooms. And then I will light a fire outside the tent, and sleep at some distance from it starring at the stars with a background music of clashing waves at the shore accompanied by layers of cool breeze.

Touring the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield Bullet Bike


When it comes to biking, the Royal Enfield Bullet stands the favorite choice of many bikers, it gives the rider a different kind of pride and joy when you ride it. I have a dream to visit the Himalayas by riding it.

Shout my name from the topmost point of a mountain


I love trekking and I have climbed many mountains in Maharashtra. I always love challenging myself to climb the peak of the mountain and shout my name loudly from there. The feeling of hearing the your name getting echoed is one of the best feelings one can ever get to enjoy.

Last words

As said by Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” You can never buy happiness,  but you can buy yourself a travel to some place, and trust me both are one and the same. And remember to always continue dreaming something new, because…

Visiting a new place makes you a Tourist,

but your Dreams to explore it makes you a Traveler.

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!


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