Nostalgic Trends of Bollywood Directors

Bollywood, the world of entertainment and glamour always has some new stories and controversies on the Page 3 of your newspaper everyday. Today I am not going to talk about any such story nor I am going to share my reaction on some latest movie trailer or music album. Even though Bollywood is a rainbow of thousands of colors but there are some colors in Bollywood which always keep evolving from a similar kind of shade. Thousands of colors means various actors, actresses, directors, singers, dancers, choreographers, etc. and the colors of a similar shade means the trend followed by them over the years.

Actors such as Shahrukh Khan generally commercial Romantic or Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) movies, whereas Salman Khan does Action and Family movies, Aamir Khan does movies which has good script and Nawazuddin Siddiqui does Gangster or Villain kind of roles in movies. These are some facts which almost every other person following Bollywood knows, but behind the scenes there are also some unique trends followed by those people who make the actors act in the movies, and they are the Directors of Bollywood movies. And today I will be sharing some Nostalgic trends which are followed by famous Directors of Bollywood. Here is a list of some Bollywood movie Directors and the unique trend followed by them in all their movies:

Rohit Shetty 

Rohit Shetty has given many Blockbuster movies in Bollywood and he is very famous for his Flying Cars in all of his movies, but wait, hold for a second, there is something else very common in all his movies which I guarantee most of you might have noticed. And that is ‘Goa’.

Cars flying in the action scene is very common in his movies but apart from that, most of his movies are shot in Goa. His movies Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006), Golmaal Returns (2008), All the Best (2009), Golmaal 3 (2010), Singham (2011) and Dilwale (2015). He is so attached to that place that whenever he goes for a Road trip, he returns shooting a movie.

Kabir Khan

Kabir Khan is one of those Directors who has given a few number of Movies but almost all of them were Superhits and Blockbusters. Most of his movies either have Salman Khan as the lead actor or Katrina Kaif as the lead Heroine, but like Rohit Shetty, even he is strongly attached to some place. And that place is none other than Pakistan.

He is attached so much with Pakistan that you will find at least something on Pakistan in all of his movies. His recent movie Phantom (2015) was on killing a terrorist in Pakistan, the other movie in the same calendar year was Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was a Blockbuster hit and was fully based on a small girl from Pakistan.

Ek tha Tiger (2012) also had major part of film about an agent from Pakistan. New York (2009) and Kabul Express were also related to Pakistan. And the other most interesting fact about him is that he is from Hyderabad and this is the only city to have a common name in both the countries India and Pakistan.

Sooraj Barjatya

Sooraj Barjatya who is also known as the Sanskari Director of Bollywood is famous for his films based on family, and when I say family it doesn’t stops at ‘Hum 2, Humare 2’. His families has everyone Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, their 4-5 children, and their 10-15 children and so on..

Apart from making family based movies, there is something about him which is also a trademark of his films. There is always a character in his movies with the name ‘Prem’. His recent movie was Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in 2015 where Prem (Salman Khan) was the lead actor. In fact there is a Prem in all his movies Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi (2008), Vivaah (2006), Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (2003), Hum Saath – Saath Hain (1999), Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! (1994) and Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). I wonder why didn’t he name any of his children as Prem.

Divya Khosla Kumar

There are hardly a few female movie directors in Bollywood and Divya is one on them. She has directed only 2 movies and both were based on stories of youngsters which had romance and drama. The strange thing she does is she shares video at the end of every movie to publicize about herself. In that video you will find people speaking about Divya and praising how talented she is. And those people are the ones who have worked with her behind the scenes. In that video they tell you how good director, mother and wife Divya Khosla Kumar is.

I mean, wasn’t there any other way of gaining some publicity? She could have got into some controversies and the Indian media would have helped her get into the limelight in a much better way compared to that video. To be honest, no one cares to know about the director of the movie unless the movie was a Superhit or a Blockbuster. And the kind of movies she has directed, I am sure people sitting in the cinema hall were eagerly waiting for the Exit door to open, no one would have cared to know about the director.

Karan Johar

I feel that Karan Johar is one of the best Directors of Bollywood, the reason I feel this is that his movies never contain anything like Politics or Rivalry between people. His movies contain those things which have got nothing to prove to this world, they only spread happiness. But yes, his movies also have something which you generally don’t find in other movies and that is the ‘Colleges’ in his movies.

His movies define College life in a complete different way. The Infrastructure of the college, the students, the teachers and the complete atmosphere of the college is different. We all know that such colleges don’t exist in reality, but we still enjoy the movie by relating our story with some character in the movie and that is what makes his movies perform well at the box office.

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