#ChhoteKadam for a Healthy Heart


Treat your Heart as you would treat a new born baby, Fragile and Delicate.

A Human’s heart is the switch of its body, you are alive till the time the your heart is working properly but the moment it goes off, it lets you off. Its main function is to pump blood throughout the body and blood running in our body is like the current running in an electric circuit. As the other electronic components stop working when there is no current, similarly all our body organs stop working if the blood stops flowing through them. Hence the heart of a human is compared to a new born baby, fragile and delicate.

Daily we do many such things which may affect various organs of our body, the body can still survive if any other organ stops functioning but if the heart stops functioning then there is no other option, hence its our responsibility to take care of our heart on top priority.

Here are some small steps that one should take today so that he or she can keep his / her heart healthy till the last breathe of his/ her life:

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one or the major reason of heart problems these days and even after knowing that smoking kills, many people still smoke on regularly. Also inhaling the smoke given out by someone who is smoking is not safe for our heart and one should avoid people who smoke regularly.

Stop Eating Food with more salt or high level of Sodium

Sodium is one of the element which is essential for the body but if it is taken in high quantity then it can also affect your heart. Excess of sodium gets trapped inside the veins blocking the smooth flow of blood . Due to this there are chances of veins getting blocked resulting to cardiac arrest, also known as Heart attack.

Limit the consumption of food with high percentage of fats

Excess level of fats in our body invites many diseases and on the same hand it affects the health of your heart as well. It is advisable to maintain a diet with more protein level compared to the level of fats.

We are a summation of small heartbeats, pumping life into us without fail. Hence it is our responsibility to keep our heart beats running smoothly to pump happiness and joy in our own life and also in the lives of our loved ones.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.


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