10 Outstanding Tools for Campaign Promotion

promopic.pngThe correct definition and allocation of the advertising budget are the main features of the promotional campaign for startups. You should treat with a particular care and a choice of recording media to achieve greater efficiency. It affects the fate of a young and successful company.

Planning the company’s budget in a smart way is a priority for any business. So, try to look for different ways to promote your services and products. Here I have left my own list of useful tools for creating an outstanding promotional campaign.

Google Docs

The most straight-forward and accessible tool that you can use in your promotional campaign is Google and its tools. While Docs is simple and free to use, it will also give you some insight into what your audience wants. You can conduct surveys and gain valuable data by doing relevant research on your target audience before setting any actual budget for your campaign. This is a good choice for businesses since every penny is relevant and needs to be spent consciously.


Another good idea is to conduct research on your competitors and large businesses operation in your specific niche. Keyword optimization has become more relevant than ever, and creating a promotional online campaign based on something no one is using is a good way to fail. SEO is important, and as such, Follower Wonk is a tool that will allow you to gain valuable insight into what words are trending on the internet.

Depending on the keyword, Follower Wonk will provide you with charts and data that shows which words are the most influential and attract the most followers. That way, you can safely place your bets on words that you know will be relevant and write your content based on them.


Considering that we can’t afford our own marketing agency, why not use an online service that does much of the same? TEO is an online marketing platform that specializes in digital marketing, social media marketing research, and mobile marketing.

Once you’ve created your promotional campaign, the platform is capable of distributing and tracking all the promotional materials digitally. TEO is capable of doing everything a regular agency would do and at a fraction of the price. It even comes with a free trial, so there is no reason to give it a go.


Speaking of which, written content is the most important part of your promotional campaign. While hiring a professional writer in your local area might be too expensive, Get Good Grade is the perfect online writing service for the job. Featuring professional writers from different fields of study, including content marketing, this online service is the go to place for any written material your promotional campaign needs.


Using relevant content in your promotional campaign is just as important as market research. This tool is the perfect place to look for professional royalty free photos, design templates and pretty much anything your campaign would need besides text. These sources are free to use and cater to every need you might have regarding your campaign because a relevant visual context is just as important as a written message.


Market research often means taking a look at what your competitors are doing. This tool allows you to analyze your competitor’s promotional campaigns and pages for structure, keywords, outbound links and any other elements that lead to widening reach.

Shaping your own content and basing the promotional campaign on proper research will always generate more conversions than simply doing things your own way. Best of all, if your own website features a blog, you can use Social Crawlytics to shape your articles around the data you gather from other websites with large numbers of visitors.


Creating a relevant promotional campaign that reaches our target audience is more than just pretty words and pictures. The digital marketing and PR landscape has changed over the years and allowed Buzz Stream to flourish under the influence of digital media.

Buzz Stream can not only offer relevant content promotion strategies and tips on how to approach your target audience. The platform is capable of digital PR management and link building that will allow your campaign to reach new audiences. You will not only reach your desired demographic but also far beyond that, allowing you to spread your campaign across many relevant online platforms.


This is a platform that allows us to manage our promotional campaign and steer it towards relevant goals. Marketo is capable of much more than market research and digital marketing. It allows us to use tools for measuring our ROI, our reach, and lead generation, while also providing us with planning tools. For its sheer versatility, Marketo is the go-to platform for promotional campaign management, whether it’s a startup or otherwise.


This is another marketing campaign planning tool available to us. The difference being that Send In Blue is a little more affordable and easy to use than Marketo. The tool allows us to use digital marketing features such as marketing automation and tracking of relevant data and activity for our promotional campaign materials.

Best of all, Send In Blue is capable of analyzing data and giving us advice on how to personalize our content to better suit our target audience. Make sure that you give this one a try, simply because it’s accessible and affordable for businesses looking for a good ROI.


Personalized messages and e-mails are more relevant than ever in today’s world. Your visitors and potential customers love nothing more than to feel important and accepted. That is why Customer.io is based around the idea of creating promotional campaigns and marketing automation around the idea of personalizing content. It can help you with market segmentation and analytics while also providing relevant input on how to cater to your visitors.

There’s no better promotional campaign than the one that treats it’s customers as humans and not ATM’s. Customer.io even has a free option that allows you to use it locally and test the waters, practically researching your target demographic.


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