Recharge yourself at the club houses of Sobha Dream Acres

People who cannot find time for Recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for Illness

– John Wanamaker


Recreational activities play a very important role in all the phases of our life. When we are young they help us grow strong, when we are adults they help us stay fit and when we grow old they help us in remembering the golden days of our life. Unfortunately these days, we see playgrounds and gardens diminishing, thanks to the construction jungles. This is bearing an impact on the younger generation.

Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, etc., were once known to have the best lifestyles in the country. These days though, the only open space one gets is the gap between two apartment buildings. To play outdoor games like football or cricket, one needs to travel to their nearest sports club every day, which is a total waste of time and money.

This issue is addressed by the springing up of the concept of club houses. Club houses are those spaces which have both the indoor and outdoor facilities. Indoor facilities includes gym, swimming pools, table tennis, chess and so forth. Outdoor facilities include badminton courts, basketball courts, and open spaces for games like football, cricket, volleyball and so forth.

You would wish, if all these facilities were present in your housing colonies. Most times you would be left disappointed, because the limited space does not allow the builders to provide all these facilities.

Sobha Dream Acres is an exception in this regard, as they have meticulously planned the needs of their homebuyers. They deliver dream homes using the best technology in practice today. They are located on the Outer Ring Road, Bangalore East. Here are a few highlights of Sobha Dream Acres.


Precast Technology

Precast technology for building homes is currently used in countries like the US, UK, China and most other countries of Europe. In India though, only 1% of the real estate companies employ it. The major advantage of this technology is that the homes stay strong for decades with very little maintenance.


Projects get completed and delivered before time

Generally, a G+14 apartment takes a time span of 2-4 years to complete. With precast technology, Sobha Dream Acres promises to deliver homes within a year.


Beautiful Interiors and Exteriors

Most of the times the real estate builders fail to deliver on the promises made by them, before the beginning of the project. Sobha Dream Acres and their in-house team of experts see to it that every tiny aspect of a home is taken care of.


Club Houses

In addition to the home of your dreams, Sobha Dream Acres also offers world-class club houses equipped with all the recreational facilities mentioned above. Thus Sobha Dream Acres is a fine choice for your dream home.


Do check out the homes and the club houses of Sobha Dream Acres on their official website and YouTube channel. And do let us know what you liked the most, in the comments section below.


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