Importing files from MBOX on MS Outlook 2013


Before we jump onto our actual topic for importing MBOX files into MS Outlook 2013 let us first know what are MBOX files are where do they come from?

MBOX file is a mailbox file format used by different email clients to store its data in file system. Applications like Thunderbird, The Bat!, Eudora, Apple Mail, Pocomail etc. uses .mbox or .mbx file format as database. To migrate into MS Outlook from any of these email clients you need to import the MBOX files into Outlook.
How to Import MBOX Files into MS Outlook 2013?
Be it MS Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, 2010 or any other version there is no direct way to import the MBOX files within MS Outlook directly. So, we have to first convert the MBOX files into MS Outlook compatible data file format. Since our topic here is for MS Outlook 2013 users, we will show you the complete process of saving MBOX as PST (Outlook data file format) considering MS Outlook 2013.

Note: For any version of MS Outlook; the steps will remain same.
1. To start with; first of all find out the MBOX file location of your email client in your machine or if an orphan MBOX file is saved in your machine then move on to next step.

2. Here, you have to convert the MBOX file into PST format. For this you can use a tool to import MBOX file into Outlook and it will simply create a PST file from the MBOX file.

3. Now you have to import the OST file within MS Outlook 2013 using the import / export option as shown below.


4. After this, you can preview all your MBOX file data in MS Outlook 2103 or any MS Outlook version of your choice.

The above process is short and less cumbersome because we have used a simple utility to convert MBOX file format into PST format. However, if you go for a manual process then this entire migration would be difficult and time consuming.


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