5 Apps to manage your phone’s battery


Are you using an Android smartphone?

How often do you rush to charge your phone?

Your phone’s has a huge battery but does your phone manages it well to help it last for an entire day?

The haunting notification of low battery is something which scares every smartphone user these days, a smartphone with loaded features is useless when it’s battery doesn’t last long.¬†How innovatively it is built and how latest is the technology used, one feature which decreases its value, is its battery life. However, there are multiple Apps which when downloaded to your smart phone, will help you save battery, giving more life to your cellphones.

If your phone’s battery doesn’t last long then here are 5 battery management apps that can help you improve your phone’s battery:

Purify App

It is a tiny tool which can optimize your cell performance and can give more life to its battery. It has the power to detect which Apps are idle and still eating-up lot of energy or your cellphone. These are mainly considered as the Blacksheep Apps, which are not in use, still they are taking lot of battery life, Purify can automatically block them. It also manages your notification bar and keep it clean and clear.


One App which can be used by both rooters and non-rooters alike. It will crawl your cell phone, identify the idle Apps which are eating up your battery, will stop them, thus optimizing your cell battery performance.

Battery Doctor

It checks where the battery is exactly draining and will fix the issue. It will identify the App eating up maximum battery and will guide you how to lessen its usage or optimize its use. It will also tell you how much battery is remaining.

Avast Battery Saver

It will give you a detailed information to you regarding which App is actually draining your cell battery and what you can do to reduce the drain.

Battery optimizer and cleaner

It is loaded with several value-added features, like, how to clean the memory to further optimize your cellphone, and help you improve speed of the cell and also monitor data usage.



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