Top 5 Future trends in Mobile App Development


Mobile app development is something which sees a lot of new trends coming up every year. Starting from those days of playing snake and ladder on the black and white phones, today we have smartphones with huge RAMs that support applications which are in gigabytes. The last decade has saw a lot of development in the field of mobile app development and still more is to come that will completely redefine our way of using the mobile devices. Mobile apps are the real force which has led to the supremacy of these small screen devices Mobile Phones. Smartphones and tablets are dominating the tech consumer base and rightfully so, studies have proved that people prefer mobile devices for time-killing and internet browsing. This certainly means that we will be seeing more people browsing the internet and using apps on mobile devices than on laptops.

In this article, however, we will share the upcoming trends which business owners must keep a keen eye on. These 5 trends will rule 2017 so why not call out a meeting and order customized and trendy mobile application.
VR (Virtual Reality)
Virtual reality is often mixed with augmented reality, which is different than VR. The concept of VR is to explore places or environment with a first-person perspective. This gives users an experience as if they were there. Achieved using a special VR headset, VR is the new sensation which will rock for years to come.

Going for a mobile application which integrates with a VR headset will be a trendy risk to do. We would suggest that you first know your audience and then go for it.

Location Based Apps

Interest in location-centric mobile apps will greatly increase next year. With better GPS connectivity and availability, it will be easy to stay connected on mobile globally.
Android Instant Apps

Introduced by Google recently, these instant apps are giving a new way to use mobile apps. The core of these apps which make them amazingly different than native apps is that they aren’t bound to get downloaded. Rather a user can use them directly from the internet. This initiative is largely embraced as it helps you have a universally accessible app just when you need it. Android Instant apps are perceived to mark a striking impact in mobile app development in coming years.

AR (Augmented Reality)
Apps exploiting augmented reality are already trendy in 2016, and we are expecting to see a lot more in 2017. Augmented reality has been a trend because it has a lot of margins to play with. Video games, such as Pokémon Go had the world on its feet and InkHunter which allows you to experiment different tattoos before you get them inked forever.

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive web apps are websites developed for businesses. The popularity of mobile apps is now being infused on the internet as well. In the year 2017, we will experience a rise in Progressive web apps which convert traditional browsing methods into a website with a trendy mobile app format.


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