5 ways to fix the Error 29 on your iOS Device


In the previous post I had discussed about what is the error 29 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. In this article I will be sharing 5 ways how to fix that problem.

As per the reasons showing above, various reasons may result in the iTunes error 29. The error itself was not that annoying, but the Apple’s none effective fix which upsets the users. No worry, follow the steps below can carry you through the trouble.

Solution One: Replace with Apple original battery before updating your system.

According the user’s feedback, most case of the iTunes 29 errors were caused by the battery changes. Honestly, it really gets you mad if you haven’t realized this, you may wonder why a change of battery results in that error?

Unfortunately, when iTunes detected your changed battery and found it was not suitable with the device, then return you an error 29. To fix this, you need to change your battery to the Apple’s original battery or your device’s original battery before updating your device. Of course, you can switch the battery again after the process was done.

Solution Two: Update iTunes installed on your computer to the latest version.

Many people including myself don’t upgrade the software often, since sometimes the software’s update is too frequent. But these outdated software can cause trouble, just like this iTunes error 29. So simply check your iTunes for updates, and update it to the newest if it wasn’t. And if your iTunes is up-to-date indeed, move on to solution 3.

Solution Three: Turn off the anti-virus or third-party security software temporarily.

Security software created by companies other than Apple can prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers or to devices. Sometimes, you might see a numeric error message when you sync, update, back up, or restore your device. Read from Apple official website. So please simply turn off your anti-virus or third-party security software temporarily, after done the process of using iTunes, you can restart the applications again if you want.

Solution Four: Upgrade the older versions of your computer operating systems.

Compared to updating the software mentioned on solution 2, updating the computer operating system can be more inconvenient, which many users are not willing to. However, older versions of computer operating systems are incapable of handling the latest software updates. To avoid this iTunes 29 trouble, update your Windows or OS X to the latest version.

Solution Five: Factory resetting your device.

If all of the above solutions do not function, and the iTunes error 29 still persists, factory resetting your device would work like a charm. Since factory reset erases all content and settings from your device. After that, go to Settings > General > Reset and approve. Kindly note you that please remember to backup your data before performing that in case of data loss.


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