Error 29 on your Apple Devices

Facing iTunes Error 29 when using iPhone, iPod, iPad and looking for a solution?


As an iOS users, iTunes error 29 really makes us feel fret, because any hardware changes to the phone returns error 29 would make the phone non-functional.However, it doesn’t mean that your iDevice was sentenced to death when facing this error, especially when you find this article. Let’s go through this tutorial to learn the reasons why we got the error 29 message in iTunes and how to fix this annoying issue.

Why did you get the error 29 message in iTunes:

According to Apple’s explanation and feedback from our users, we can conclude that these following options can lead to the iTunes error 29:

  • Hardware changes, especially a replacement of the battery.
  • Outdated iTunes installed on your computer.
  • The antivirus and third-party security software.
  • Older version of computer operating systems.
Finding effective solutions to fix the iTunes error 29.

As per the reasons showing above, various reasons may result in the iTunes error 29. The error itself was not that annoying, but the Apple’s none effective fix which upsets the users. No worry, follow the steps below can carry you through the trouble.

Here are the 5 ways which can help you to fix this problem.


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