Latest WhatsApp Update: Text Formatting Free Download .apk File

WhatsApp has rolled out some very important updates this year and yet again it is all set to roll out a new cool feature of Text Formatting on its latest version of the the app. After the major changes of making it Free which was done earlier this year and also adding a new feature to share Files via the application, this cool feature on WhatsApp will enhance your texting styles on the application.

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App Marketing: 7 Most Essential Tools

App marketing is a serious business. To thrive and win in today’s competitive mobile ecosystem, every app marketer needs a set of marketing tools in their arsenal. Here are 7 smart tools every mobile marketer needs to make his/her app a hit among target audience. These are proven tools to help marketers set goals, measure performance against benchmarks, optimize their app and drive revenues.

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The Smartphone Technology – #Technocrats

How do you define a smartphone?

You may say that it’s one of the coolest inventions of the latest technology which helps you connect with anyone sitting at any part of the world either by voice calling, text messages or by a video chat. Is that all? You may also add that it provides you with various features such as taking a photo, recording voice and video, editing and viewing documents on the go, watching videos and also playing games. But again I would like to ask you the same question, Is that all?

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