Luxury Stay at Taj Chandigarh #MMTLuxuryStays

Holidays are the best moments you spend,

Every new moment you live has its own story.

Explore Taj Chandigarh

When someone says the word ‘Holidays’, every thought running in or out from your mind disappears in air and the brain starts weaving a fabric with the threads of joy and imagination. No matter if you are going for a road trip on a nearby hill station or a luxurious international trip, there is always an extraordinary feeling of happiness that makes you smile for no reasons.

I felt the same when I was traveling from Mumbai to Chandigarh in April 2010. I was on a trip to Chandigarh and Shimla with my family and cousins, the flight landed Chandigarh at around 5:30 pm in the evening and we had one day stay at the Taj Chandigarh Hotel. The months of April and May is celebrated as a festival of Cricket in India when the Indian Premier League is being played in the country, I was double excited to reach the hotel as one of my friends had told me that cricketers do stay in that hotel when they are in the city for a cricket match. I am a big fan of cricket and when you get to know that you will be staying in the same hotel where your favorite cricketers will also be staying, you will surely jump high with happiness.

We reached the hotel at around 7 pm, my Dad and Uncle managed the formalities and getting the luggage shifted to our rooms,the ladies were busy appreciating the beauty of the hotel, my younger cousins found a new place to play and I took my sister along with me to explore the other parts of the hotel. Exploring the hotel was just an excuse, I actually wanted to find where were the cricketers staying in that hotel. I kept roaming inside the hotel for about a hour when I saw my dad searching for me. It was dinner time and I thought I would see them during the dinner, but all my hopes turned down when I spoke to the manager and he said that there is a match after 4 days and the teams are about to arrive after 2 days. There was one part of my heart which was upset but then below it there was also a stomach which was very hungry. The food of that hotel was just amazing, I don’t remember the exact menu what we had that day, there was one sweet that they served and that was just amazing.

After the dinner I finally entered the room to take a shower and change the clothes, and I was amazed after watching the room from inside, it was awesome. I ran to the window and the view of the city from the window was amazing. The lights, paintings on the walls, antique show pieces, the neat & tidy bed, the bathroom, big television, mini fridge, etc. were the things that added to the luxury of the room. On the next day I went for a walk in the premises of the hotel with my dad, later we all went for swimming in the big blue swimming pool of the hotel. We had our breakfasts, took some pictures in the hotel and then we left for Manali in the afternoon after having lunch.

The stay at Taj Chandigarh is one of the best luxury stays in my life, I had a great time there and I wish to visit that hotel again in future.

I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip


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