Express more with new Emojis and GIF support on WhatsApp


Billions of WhatsApp users will soon be able to use a lot of new emoji characters in their conversations. According to a report by Android Police website, the instant messaging app is rolling out a new update to version 2.17.44 of its beta app, which introduces a host of new emoji characters.

The new emoji characters can be found in Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0 standards. Apple iPhone and iPad users will be familiar with these emojis as all of them come as a part of iOS 10.2 update. Most of the emojis included in the list come from Google.

These new features in the latest update will help you express your feelings in a much better way in your WhatsApp chats:

1. New Emojis

WhatsApp has been updating its emojis often in every second or third update and this time they have added some cool emojis which would reflect the activities of humans. Now you have emojis related to different professions, different facial expression and reactions based on different situations.

2. GIF Collection

In the latest version of WhatsApp you get a direct option to send GIF images even if you don’t have GIF saved images on your device. All you need to do is click on the Emojis option and then at the bottom you will find 2 options in the center, one will be a smiley for emojis and the other one will be GIF for send .gif images from the collection that WhatsApp shares with you.


3. GIF Search

There will be a few GIF images that you may find in your GIF option, but if you wish to search for a particular kind of GIF then WhatsApp also gives you an option to search GIF images on the internet. This feature will only work when you connected to the internet (that is a basic thing to understand, but still its my job to let you know).


To search GIF images you need to click on the emoji icon which is on the left side of text typing option, the emoji window will option and down there you will find a GIF option. Click on that and then you will a search option represented by a magnifying glass, you can click there and type whatever you want. GIF images will be loaded according to what you search.

Where can I get this latest version of WhatsApp which has got these features?

WhatsApp will be rolling out this update to its users in the month of March or in the last week of February and if you want to try it before the official release of the update then you have landed on the right place. Since I am a beta tester of the app, I have received the update and in this post I will be sharing the .apk file of it. This is only for Android users, iPhone users will have to wait for some more time.

So to get the video calling feature, here is what exactly you need to do:
Step 1:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Download button given below.

Step 2:

The link will redirect you to Dropbox and you can download the WhatsApp apk from there. You can select the Direct download option if you don’t have a Dropbox account, and if you have it then you can sign in or download directly, its all up to you.

Step 3:

Install the app.

Since you are installing an application through its .apk file and not from Play Store you may get an error of Allow Unknown sources. Don’t worry, this error is because you have not enabled installation of applications directly through the apk files in your phone’s settings.

To do that go to Settings -> Security -> Allow Unknown sources. Now go back and install the app.

Ta-da, you have successfully installed the latest version of WhatsApp application which supports all the latest features.

Note: You can use these features to chat with a friend only if your friend also has the latest version of WhatsApp installed so do share this article with your friends and so that even they can download the latest version of WhatsApp and use the cool new features.

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