Gadget Review: HP Sprocket Z3Z92A Portable Photo Printer

From the old days of a big box black and white television we have moved to slim, large, smart and high resolution televisions. From big telephones to smartphones. But did you ever imagine that one day you can have a printer that prints your photos on the go and fits into your pocket?

Hewlett Packard have come up with a digital printer known as the HP Sprocket Z3Z92A Portable Photo Printer that fits into your pocket which can help you print your photos anytime anywhere. You might have question that what all can a pocket size printer do and the biggest question is how do we manage to fill and store ink into it?


The HP Sprocket used the Zinc Paper technology to print photos and you don’t need to fill ink into the printer to get the prints. To answer all your other questions we have an in-depth review about the portable printer.

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How AI and other technologies will make your Driving Safe


The idea that passing a driver’s exam is proof that someone’s ready for the complex task of driving, is becoming obsolete. Interest in smarter design and software that give drivers greater precision and protection while on the road is growing. Between 2015 and 2016, Americans spent 69 percent more of their time using apps on their mobile devices than they did between 2014-and 2015. The desire to have apps play a more integral role in the driving process is a logical next consumer expectation, it’s safe to say. Read on for just five of the ways that technology will facilitate safer driving.

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